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thus how's it going guys. It really is beer rocks right here and we're back for another YouTube video. So I'm actually sorry for not uploading. For days gone by week, as you know, I was on vacations and yeah. So now i am back in my setup and I'm ready to make even more movies for you, guys, viewers. So before the movies starts um. I would like to give like Doc's rock and like thank Laurie and deprecated WP gaming for all the credits for this video because they possess actually briefly touched onto it and I'm simply improvising on the suggestions, so yeah. Therefore, as you can see from my display, I've in fact I'm actually doing the so called technique or the algorithm as people contact it today on my 6 silver upper body and currently carrying it out now, which means you guys might house what is this algorithm or method? And I've hardly ever heard of it, so I'm in fact gon na explain to explain it for you guys today so at first I was like Personally i think, for individuals I'm like mm. Is this really true or could it be just a scam, some hack? THEREFORE I in fact did some analysis and I in fact asked my friends and a whole lot of people online have already been in fact saying that oh this matter is indeed useful. All I'm actually obtaining like all princess sparkies, a lava hounds from this free chest.

Therefore yeah this method have been approved by many people and not just that after I've also used my close friends device and I've actually tried this. I stated they don't desire to rescale my accounts and guess what I got. I really like a hope. That'S just justice. That'S just insane and yeah so before the upgrade, you could actually only obtain the ice wizard, however now you can get any Legendary's, as I've said before and yeah. Therefore now I'm gon na explain to you men what this algorithm is and yeah and from then on, I'm gon na explain to explain to you what to watch out and what to promise to get that legendary card and as since the magical chess needs to be utilized. In the proper situations as such, so let's begin, and just why am we disconnecting offset there's so many times therefore sorry for the poor, Wi-Fi factors, but let's simply enter it, so essentially just get a magical just randomly from an arrow and open up all the staying Chests in your slot and keep the magical chest is the only 1 left. That is very important and yeah. Sorry for that that solitary thing you do not know how to proceed with it, but let's just continue going and next obtain eleven silver chests from random fight and open up them. A very important factor to note is that do not open any other title of chesses among the eleven chests are silver chests and also, most importantly, don't Jam them. That'S very essential. Many people fail because they're restless and impatient about looking forward to those time so yeah. Next, you need to open to go chesses and then, with that you can, you have to await a minimum of at least a day and folks will end up like so I can use the application or what so answer to it. It'S like that's a very good idea that gives you an increased possibility or like assured button. It doesn't like deeply a possibility if you're going to and speak to your clan mates and all sorts therefore yeah and then finally um you should open.

I think, if I'm not wrong to free cheese's, yeah, concurrent and yeah, and a free of charge silver chess and lastly, boom. Another few priests features would get any legendary cards and you get it for free with no costs, which matter was officially founded by debris. Gaming aka Andrew, which I've in fact previously shut up at the start of video, and he in fact opened the code program of the application and discovered that this algorithm all meta, as you men might say, okay, so in the end these steps here are things you need to know. Therefore before we enter it, I would like to leave the upper body psycho purchase in the description as there is a new one because the update. So let's get started so before I get into it. I want to eliminate this resin factor and I'll get back to you men with a replay, so you men could actually watch something. While I clarify to you men, bye, okay men. So let's get started so, as possible plainly see, I'm back certainly boss, how you guys are even hearing me, talk so yeah to guarantee a legendary card. You will need obtain and magical chairs from the 13th, 13th or 83rd or 203rd chests of the magical upper body. Thingy, it will not work with the 131st one. If you guys actually don't trust me or you think, I'm just like a scammer just check the chest psycho in the explanation to ensure I'm not really lying. And, of training course, my gon na lie to you guys and yeah. Associated with because for the 13th and 83rd and the 203rd magical chest allows you to get 11 silver chances after the magical chest before it fills up all of your upper body slot with trainer asses. However, the letter I got a 130 initial magical chest just offers you the hands of a chest before infuse up all of your chest our entire chests large amount of coach asses.

Therefore, it would screw up and interrupt the chess cycle and yeah. So with that, you should always look out which magical chest your purchase is, so if you, if you're so it's like the one I stated I want that, wouldn't function, simply don't bother carrying it out and just hope for the best for another witch watch, as I Guess, as I believe, if I'm not really wrong for magic purchases, and among it doesn't work, and lastly, just know that you make sure all the chests are attained from the same arena or she might not get the legendre, he can't you wish all you want. I would nothing like to claim on the credit - and you know I don't wish to be like the person who state like. Oh, I made a matter or something I simply want to create it known to more folks and yeah therefore to get rid of off, actually if it did didn't all get. What for you, we have to all test it out for and I'm pretty sure supercell is normally gon na patch. This factor as supercell wants to burn money from visitors to buy Legendary's therefore yeah I mean, there's actually no injury to others, and why do that notification simply pop-up, I'm just growing up this recording so but none of us. THEREFORE I desire everyone the best of good luck, join get this legendary cards and yeah, as, as you guys know, for money, okay, men therefore sorry for the video cutting up. THEREFORE I actually wanted that. Just enough can sing and say that I in fact got our ice wizard. Randomly from the free upper body and yeah, so I hope you men appreciated this video and subscribe. In the event that you haven't currently and peace